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Difference between dating a Latin American vs. American girl

Well, American guys are dating American girls and Latin women in this modernized world. Aside from their obvious looks, American and Latin women have numerous differences, and it is up to the guys which individuality they prefer most. Family tradition For a Latin girl, her family is everything. He follows her family’s traditions, obey her [...]

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South America vs. North America: what are the main cultural differences?

The world consists of seven continents, namely Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Europe, Antarctica, and Australia. People often wondered the difference between South America and North America, what makes them different. Two continents South America and North America are two individual continents in the Western Hemisphere, or west of the prime meridian. South America [...]

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Which South American countries are safer to travel to?

People are always looking forward to their vacation, to explore other countries and bask in their culture. It is tradition to go out of state or country during holidays, to enjoy quality time with family in a place where they can learn new things as a family. Many families want to visit South America for [...]

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