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Difference between dating a Latin American vs. American girl

Well, American guys are dating American girls and Latin women in this modernized world. Aside from their obvious looks, American and Latin women have numerous differences, and it is up to the guys which individuality they prefer most.

Family tradition

For a Latin girl, her family is everything. He follows her family’s traditions, obey her parent’s rules, and have a very strong connection to family. And that is regardless of her age. A Latin girl can still live with her parents even if she is beyond the age of 18, she still ask permission from her parents to date a boy, and her family’s opinion matters deeply when it comes to relationships. When a boy ants to date a Latin girl, he would need to court the whole family, and get the approval of the family. Family is a very strong aspect in a Latin girl’s life, and to date a boy, she needs to make sure that her family approves of him.

To date an American girl, a boy just needs to ask her out without bothering to seek permission from her parents. American girls are born independent, and they move out from their parent’s house at the age of 18. An American boy can date an American girl without worrying about courting the whole family, and the American girls are more liberated and open-minded about a lot of things and are not bound by tradition.

Strong loyalty

Modern American girls are more inclined to be in an open relationship than traditional Latin women who are deeply loyal. Open relationship is an acceptable status in the liberated world, and American women are engaging into it. For an American guy to date an American girl, he must be willing to accept the fact that he may not be the only guy that she is dating. For the Latin girl, she will only date one guy, and be in a relationship with only one. She is loyal and faithful, and will not consider an open relationship.


American girls are expecting elaborate marriage proposals and American guys often make it a point to plan and ask the American girl for her hand in marriage. With Latin girls, they prefer to be more involved in their marriage plan, prefers to make the marriage decision with their partners, and though they love surprises, they want to have the decision as well to marry, and seek the approval from their family.

Household chores

It is a culture in the Latin world that children grow up with maids and cooks, and for middle class to rich Latin girls, it is hard to imagine making them do the household chores. While American women are used to doing their chores on their own. Latin women are not used to serving their own or preparing their own food or doing their own laundry, or cleaning their room or house, compared to the American women who can multi-task with their chores because they are born and trained with it.

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