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Which South American countries are safer to travel to?

People are always looking forward to their vacation, to explore other countries and bask in their culture. It is tradition to go out of state or country during holidays, to enjoy quality time with family in a place where they can learn new things as a family. Many families want to visit South America for their rich tradition and culture, and the amazing views.  However, with the constant threat of terrorism, many people doubt their interest to have a vacation the countries of South America.

Keep yourself safe

As it goes with other continents and countries in the whole world, no place is truly safe, but wherever you may go, you need to be prepared for whatever trouble comes your way, and before visiting a country, make sure that you are ready, well-informed, and knows how to contact the authorities in case of trouble. Make sure that you do your research thoroughly, check the safest area in the country to book a place to stay. Every city in every country has their own safe places, as well as the dangerous places. Make it a point to always find out where the safest areas are, and which locations to avoid.

Blend in with the locals

When you are in a South American country, make your vacation memorable by blending in with the locals, make friends, and try to learn their culture. Having new friends in a new country is quite helpful especially in a time when trouble arises. The locals can warn you about dangerous places, and point out safe locations for you to enjoy.

Guard your belongings

Do not make a statement to local thieves that you are prime for a thieving prospect. Do not tempt petty criminals with your show of expensive items. Always leave your important belongings in the hotel, or leave them at home. Only bring what is necessary, and you can buy what you need in where you are going. Though it is safe to take out your cellphones or ipads or any electronic devices out in the open in South American countries compared to more developed countries, it is still better to be vigilant and watch out for your things.

Travel insurance

You will not be going to South America and expect danger, but it is recommended to always be on the lookout for unexpected things. Get a travel insurance in case you need to claim a loss of passport, money, or valuables. There is a huge chance that you’ll never have to use it, but better be ready.

Safest countries in South America

With all the necessary precautions and knowledge about what to do to keep yourself and your family safe in a country in South America, you can choose where to go in the noted safest countries which includes The Amazon (Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Bolivia, French Guiana, and Suriname), Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. The crimes in these countries are minimal to none, and they are safe to travel to.

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